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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yes, age matters; I say that because at with different ages comes different expectations. For example: you are in your late twenties- early thirties and you are ready to get married and have children. Well, you meet a very nice guy and he is about 14 years older and he has been married and divorced twice and all his kids are grown. You explain to him your expectations and he advises you that he doesn't want the same in this stage of his life, because he has passed that stage of his life already. To be honest, at his age he just wants a companion, (no more kids or marriage). I have noticed that many women prefer an older man for security, but truth be told older man don't always have it together. In fact, from what I have discovered, older men are just as lost as some of the younger ones.

You see, it's a mind set or in other words a maturity level. I had mentioned before that I read a book from a psychologist entitled, “If men could talk,” which introduced what I like to call the 51-49 Rule. The 51-49 Rule is states that a man must come to the mindset that he is ready to settle down with one women and have a family, which is his 51%. On the other hand, a man most find that right that he is compatible with to be his soulmate, which is remaining 49% (or missing piece of the puzzle). So, in essence age does play a part in choiceing a mate as well taking into consideration what stage of maturity a man is at, and coming to terms with the fact that you (the woman) may or may not be his 49%.

By: Drew L Hinds (author/mentor)


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